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All my fandom content is now at [profile] golden_omelette; please go there to watch for art, fic and commentary.

This is a personal RL journal - if you're here for the fandom, please watch the omelette.
If you want to get to know me better... I'm a friendly kinda gal, but please comment with a reason to be added. :D

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Oh yes, the postcards! Argh you're right! They kind of slipped my mind cuz right now I have three doujinshi, a music video, some fictions and Oishi birthday art on the go. They might happen in august. >_>
But yes. Friendage. Absolutely. >:3

Arrgh, sorry about Crackpot. You probably have a popup stopper in your browser... and the site is meant to open in a new window.
Go here instead...

I just pworded it so mum couldn't read my dodgy fiction. Didn't stop her, sadly, as she found it in written form next to my toilet. C'est la vie.